A Study of Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction

With international patients shopping for health care services outside their home country, like all other consumers to receive the best care, hospitals need to design a hospital, which creates healthy and satisfied customers (patients). The hospital can only influence the patient perception through optimizing the service delivery quality. It is important to uncover factors that meet the needs of the patients and their families. Organizations that can create positive patient perceptions are the ones that will benefit from a commitment to patient satisfaction improvement and demonstrates a type of organizational culture that facilitates success in these efforts. Medical tourism in on a high growth path in India. In this context, the aim of this study is to examine what determines customer satisfaction for people who seek medical treatment in India, and how these factors can contribute to growth. This may also aid in policy formulation on improving medical tourism in India. For the purposes of this research, medical tourism is defined as involving people who travel to a different country to receive medical treatment at a lower cost, less wait time to receive the treatment and have access to higher-quality health care or obtain specialized treatment which they would not receive in their home country. Such medical treatments may involve therapeutic intervention for cancer and cardiac matters through to dental and aesthetic surgery. 

You can download the entire research paper from the link Below.

First Author: Vidya Priya Rao

Second Author: Dr. Raja Roy Choudhury