Aakarshan 2017

ForTheJuniors was the war cry. With Aakarshan being a flagship event of NLDIMSR for years, every junior has to go through this new bond making, emotionally and physically tiring, memory making of an event! At the end of which every student who walks through the gates of NLDIMSR would remember these 2 days as the best of their MBA lives. Moreover, AAKARSHAN 2017 was supposed to be no less of a grand event, which would be a great prelude for the freshly brewed batch of students at NLDIMSR, as to how MBA is not just studies, but also about fun, teamwork, and the competitive spirit. Surprisingly enough these reasons were also true for the seniors as well, who was the brainchild behind AAKARSHAN 2017, from conceptualizing to executing. However, would the seniors just let juniors have all the fun while they worked from dusk until dawn? NAH!! The seniors had their taste of AAKARSHAN in junior year, those two sleepless days, the joy of winning, the sadness of loss and everything in between.  Now it was time to be on the other side! To give to the juniors THEIR best 2 days of MBA lives! AAKARSHAN 2017.

The run-up to the main event was filled with many extended college hours, planning, conceptualizing and executing. We had experienced Aakarshan in our junior year, but now as the students behind organizing the event, we wanted to develop brand AAKARSHAN even further. Before the onset of AAKARSHAN 2017, NLDIMSR saw various internal and external changes. Leveraging on this we wanted to create brand AAKARSHAN much more than what it was in the previous years of its running. Therefore, with the help of social media, we planned to generate a wave of popularity for AAKARSHAN as a flagship event of NLDIMSR. And as planned, social media generated a lot of buzzes and a lot of popularity for AAKARSHAN 2017 over platforms not only internally within the juniors, but externally outside the campus as well. Apart from the social media campaigns, there were a lot of factors to be kept in mind so that the two days of the event went on smoothly and without much hassle. A week before AAKARSHAN saw a lot of difficulties in the organizing of the event, but in the end, team senior pulled it off successfully.


The two days of the main event were both exciting and nostalgic. We were re-living the best two days of our MBA lives from the eyes of the juniors this time around. A completely different perspective! As much fun and pain, we had in organizing the event, we made sure to equally have fun among our juniors during the 2 days of the event. It was ONE LAST TIME for us! Therefore, we wanted no stones unturned in the fun we had carrying out the events for the juniors. Carrying out each event for the juniors made us remember the same excitement we had, the same enthusiasm we had, the same teamwork we did, the bonds of friendship we made, and last but not the least, all the laughter and fun we had, during our junior year! Not to mention, but also the extreme sleepless nights, sore body, and a particular change in the baritone that only comes from excessive yelling, hooting and howling, were some of the things that made all the memories flood back. Even during all the auditorium events, it never felt that we were cheering for the juniors. The excitement behind all the performances, the close call between contestants for winning the prize, and the tension during revealing of the winners were not the feelings that were floating just among the juniors. And even though team senior was wearing Black to symbolize that WE were the one who made the event possible, we all felt we were wearing blue and re-living the two days that had given us possibly one of the best memories of our education years.