Challenges and Future of Grocery Business in India

This study is the part of a research project to understand &gain insights into the current trends pertaining to online vis-à-vis offline grocery retailing and to identify room for improvement. This  paper is one of the first in a series of papers to be published by the Department of Marketing at N L Dalmia Institute of Management Studies & Research. 

It is primarily a Secondary research which tries to study the Indian Grocery business from the point of view of an entrepreneur looking to venture into the Indian Grocery Industry. It is assumed that the reader of this document has had a basic schooling and is able to appreciate the fact that Retail in a populous and expansive country like India is a much sought after business due to our country‟s demographic dividend. It has many facets to it in terms of regulations, distribution channels, procurement, automation, online integration, Inventory management and many more – each of which poses unique challenges and has numerous avenues to work on and streamline.

You can download the entire research paper from the link Below.

Author: Dr. Raja Roy Choudhury