How Satisfied is my Customer?

Customer service provides a competitive advantage as its a key differentiator from its competitors. The purpose of the research is to find out the parameters most valued by cellular subscribers and in the process build a successful Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) for Cellular Service Providers (CSP) operators and evaluate the same. Primary data have been sourced through a survey with the aid of an exhaustive questionnaire where the cellular subscribers from four different cellular operators in Mumbai shared their preference of parameters they seek as satisfiers and ranked them accordingly. With the primary research and findings from the survey conducted, customer satisfaction index was formulated giving weightages to each of the below parameters such as Network and Coverage, Value Added Services etc. Customer satisfaction index of Tata Docomo is further compared with its fierce competitors.


You can download the entire research paper from the link Below.

Author: Prof.  Dr.  Mangesh Prasad Kasbekar