Industrial visit to Raymonds

Raymonds Factory, Vapi

A well-tailored suit can define a man. And as quoted by Sam Ramsey, “Every man looks his best when wearing a suit”. These are powerful words for a really powerful piece of men’s clothing, which, over the years has garnered the status of formality, class, sophistication and a necessity to a man’s fashion. Now, the type of suit one wears depends on their own personal taste, whether it be of fabric or design or colour. And in India, the pioneer in fuelling the taste of Suits to every gentleman of India has to be Raymonds.

So obviously, as a Business student, an industrial visit to the factory of Raymonds will always be an exciting thing to look forward to. This particular factory situated in Vapi, Maharashtra, boasts of being THE most technologically advanced clothing factory for Men’s formals in all of India. Coming to my experience of the factory tour, the initial induction by the factory staff through their presentation of the factory and its history and geography was exciting and enlightening altogether. It helped create further interest in students who may, possibly, had not been too interested in Raymonds prior to the presentation. After some refreshments and the presentation, we were escorted into the factory itself beginning with the storage room where the raw materials for the cloth are stored. And from there on, the tour guide was helpful and cordial enough to give each and every working details of each machine that worked towards the end product is the cloth. Each doubt and inquisitiveness we had was solved with much interest and humbleness from the tour guide. Even the workmen on the factory floor were highly cooperative and always welcomed us with a smile. The insight into the complete working of the factory was way more interesting than I had expected and the knowledge I acquired about the working of this section of the textile industry is something that won’t be forgotten by me. Eventually, the tour had come to an end, but it was due to be followed by Q&A interaction with the pant chief, Mr. A.M Bombardekar. But before that, really scrumptious lunch was provided graciously by the canteen at the factory after which we were charged up for the Q&A round to come.

The interaction experience with Mr. Bombardekar was full of fun and knowledge. From his experience, we gained an acute insight into not only the plant but also the textile industry. He was gracious enough to answer any doubts we had and also enlighten and motivate us in our careers as future MBAs. Overall I can that the experience was enriching and something that will stay with me for all my years. The factory, the workmen there and the administration and HR staff were equally supportive towards us and made us feel comfortable throughout the I.V.

In closing, I would just like to say that, the I.V happened over a whole day including travelling, but the day was well spent in terms of gaining knowledge, facts and an insight into what goes into making the cloth that we wear.