Industrial Visit to Whistling Woods

Industrial Visit to Whistling woods International was held on 1st Oct ’16, for First-year Marketing Division. The Reporting Time was 10.30 am at whistling woods International in Film city. There were various workshops held from 11: am to 6:00 pm onwards .these workshops were held by Established Professionals and Whistling woods International faculty’s, Stop motion, Advertising, Virtual Reality, Humour writing, Songs picturisation were four of the many workshops held.

The most notable workshop was the master class with Mr Subhash Ghai himself and music composer Mr Anu Malik. All students were given certificates for the various workshop attended by them. The closing ceremony comprised of Mr Subhas Ghai Interviewing Film Industry veteran Mr Satish Kaushik And Mr Gulshan Grover the evergreen beauty Ms Mahim Chaudhary and established actor Mr Shreya’s Talpade.

The Industrial Visit was a very Informative one where the Students got to Learn a lot about the Technical and Hard work the goes behind creative Projects .hopefully the students will use this learning in the MBA Projects And Career decisions to come.