PGDM 2016-18 Orientation Program

The first ever one month PGDM orientation for the PGDM batch of 2016-18 with students from Finance, Marketing and HR was designed to provide the students with insights into the world of industry and entrepreneurship and to groom them to be ‘industry ready’ wherein they would have an edge as they take a plunge into the corporate world.

The orientation programme was conducted from 4th to 20th July 2016 from 9.30 am to 4 pm with participative sessions and activities from Monday to Friday. The students were provided with a glimpse of the world of industry and entrepreneurship by the Senior Alumni of NLDIMSR who had graduated from 1999 (The first batch) to 2009.

The sessions were highly informative and interactive since the Alumni had gone through the portals of this Institute and could understand the students from their perspective.

Mr. Virendra Yadav from the 2004 batch talked to the students on entrepreneurship. He gave the students an insight into the world of an entrepreneur, sharing his experiences in the world of solar power and the importance of networking through which he found his partner in business who happened to be his batchmate. He also explained the process in which a franchising works giving real-life examples such as the Jumbo King Vadapav franchise.

Another knowledgeable Alumni Mr. Vatsal Mishra from the 2003 batch spoke on the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur. He drove home the point that even though there are certain risks in venturing into a business if we are passionate and resilient enough and if we have a backup plan ready, the opportunity cost of being an entrepreneur is much more.

Though at first the topic ‘Media marries Data’ seemed confusing, Mr. Pushparaj Shetty the Alumni of 2008 batch efficiently explained the importance of data to track the progress of the media channels that people usually watch. He explained it lucidly with real-life examples, how the demographics of the country, the timings of the shows aired and many such factors affected the growth of the channels.

Another vibrant personality Mr. Ronak Sanghvi of 2009 batch walked us through the process through which a new channel comes into existence. The session on branding gave us an insight on brand image and brand identity. The interactive exercises made the sessions easier to understand and a joyful learning experience. Through the informative session of Mr. Shyam Warier of 2007 batch, the students came to know about the challenges and the growth opportunities in the sales department.

The students were also oriented by the NLDIMSR Faculty on personality and brain development, business etiquette, Microsoft Excel and were introduced to Finance, Marketing and HR specializations without delving into the syllabus as such

As the first year, PG students had started this course with some preconceived notions about management as a career, these myths were demystified by Mr. Milind Kharkar of the 1999 batch with the sessions titled ‘Breaking the Management Myth’. He also took sessions on case studies as an effective teaching-learning methodology. Adding to this Mr. Gaurav Kumar of 2008 batch took up the session on ‘Change and the Myth’ so that the students got a realistic perspective of life and their future professional careers.

These sessions helped in broadening the views of the students beyond the specializations that they will be majoring in and gave them a more holistic view of management. As important it is to focus on the personal development, it was also important to manage people working in teams effectively. This topic was addressed in the People Management session by Mrs. Poonam Deshpande of 1999 batch. She explained the importance of teamwork, managing conflicts in the team, recruitment and maintaining the motivation levels of the team members according to their personality types.

In today’s world of technological advancement, it is very important for the various departments in an organisation to be in sync with one another. This can be achieved by implementing SAP. In the session taken on SAP by Mr. Abhijit Deshpande (Batch 1999), he explained through an interactive example how the implementation of SAP benefits the industry. Another important division that most of the industries have is the logistics department. Mr. Sumeet Dandekar of 1999 batch gave the students an overview of the shipping industry.

Mr. Abhishek Patodia of 2008 batch shared his rich experience in e-commerce and explained how Amazon was working on the market-place business model. He also shared his view about newer innovations that were in the offing for data analysis and electronic warehouse maintenance systems.

There were also sessions on Global Markets Outlook by Mr. Jitendra Gohil (Alumni2003), Reading and Reality Check by Mr. Gaurav Jain (Alumni 2008), Introduction to Banking and What companies look for in MBA Fresher’s by Mr. Gaurav Agarwal (Alumni 2004), Public speaking and Presentations by Ms. Parin Tanna (Alumni 2008) and Choose your Stream with focus on Placements by Mr. Sushil Bhojwani (Alumni 2008).

Mr. D G Praveen, VP of MCX spoke on Awareness Program on Commodities Market, Mr. Biharilal Deora familiarized the students about the CCRA Programme, Mr. G Upadhyaya, Senior Training specialist of EBSCO Information Services and Mr. Mohan Deshpande, CFO of Morde Chocolates, shared his industry experiences of nearly 35 years in the corporate world and emphasized on the need to have proper work-life balance. They also gave a glimpse of what they would be looking for in an MBA graduate if they were to be our future employers.

Mr. Joel Pannikot, Head- Asia Pacific Strategy (Education) of Bloomberg spoke to the students about Bloomberg and how it would help in providing valuable inputs to students and future professionals to excel in life.

An interesting HR strategy named gamification was introduced by the Alumni Mrs. Bhavna Ate (Alumni 2008) from TCS. Gamification is information in bite-sized learning, Nano videos and visual storytelling which in a way is a creative way of sharing information within the organization. She emphasized the point that the expectations of HR were changing and gone were the days when HR staff received direction from the executive team with regard to their priorities and needs. HR was now expected to sit at the executive table and recommend processes, approaches, and business solutions that improve the ability of the organization’s people to effectively contribute.

There were many more sessions conducted by the Faculty of NLDIMSR on various topics like the Banking and the Financial sectors (stock markets and how they are affected by the economy), Public speaking, Business etiquette, Personality development, Body language, Presentation skills, Brain Gym, Overview of finance, Advanced comprehension, Operations, Statistics, etc. These sessions helped the students of all the three specializations to broaden their horizons and be open to new knowledge irrespective of the specialization. As Mr. Mohan Deshpande one of the speakers had rightly pointed out, that the industry expects the MBA students to be the jack and master of all trades. With these inputs, the students would be able to build personal brands and be a step closer to be industry ready.