Self Defence

India has world’s largest young population and has a great future. However, with the rise of crimes against women young India needs to prepare itself for the many challenges that the youth face today. Today self-defence is the need of the hour. While all forms of teasing, harassment and even violence against women is portrayed in ‘reel’ life, the situation in real life is much more alarming and it calls for everyone to be proactive and respond to any crisis situation with tact and confidence.

Basically, self defence is facing a challenge with a clear focus on taking effective measures to defend oneself in simple yet effective ways. It ranges from disarming the aggressor, putting up a good fight and if need be a quick escape from an attack situation. It necessarily isn’t professional martial arts but a combination of agility, the presence of mind and basic skills to defend oneself.

N.L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research (NLDIMSR) recognized this need and has incorporated 10 basic self-defence sessions in its Orientation Programme for the PGDM 2016-2018 Batch. NLDMSR not only strives to provide opportunities for its students for their all-round development so that they can shine in the corporate world but also prepares them to face the challenges of physical security in their personal lives through self-defence.

The self-defence classes are conducted by Police Sub-Inspector Mr. Gavai and Ms. Kinjal Parekh from the well-known Indian Karate legend Mr. Vispy Kapadia’s team of trainers. They have been sharing their expertise and are training the students in various self-defence techniques. In the class they have simulated many real-life situations that one may face and have taught the students simple yet effective ways defend themselves, especially from unexpected attacks. These techniques with practical demonstrations have immensely benefited the students especially the girl students.

They have also educated the students on the most vulnerable points in the human anatomy where a self-defence move could momentarily disable the attacker and help the victim to be in control of the situation. Some of these techniques include blocking attacks from any direction, breaking free from the grip of the attacker, throwing punches, reversing the attack and body locking the attacker. The students were also taught about the effective kicking methods and the ability to block the punches and kicks of the attacker.

All of the trainers have emphasized the importance of overcoming fear and having a presence of mind at all times. In their sessions, they have always underlined the fact that being confident and fearless is a battle half won. The Institute hopes that the students learn much from these self-defence sessions and emerge as confident persons especially when a crisis or a challenge to their physical security stares at their face.