Survival and Revival of Indian Economy

India’s rise in recent years is a most prominent development in the world economy. India has re-emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. India’s growth, particularly in manufacturing and services, has boosted the sentiments, both within the country and abroad. With an upsurge in investment and robust macroeconomic fundamentals, the future outlook for India is distinctly upbeat. According to many commentators, India could unleash its full potentials, provided it improves the infrastructure facilities, which are at present not sufficient to meet the growing demand of the economy. Failing to improve the country’s infrastructure will slow down India’s growth process. Therefore, Indian government’s first priority is rising to the challenge of maintaining and managing high growth through investment in infrastructure sector, among others. The present paper is a shorter version of the India country report carried out by the author on-behalf of RIS for ERIA. This version presents a quick profile and prospects of India’s physical infrastructure sector.

You can download the entire research paper from the link Below.

First Author: Dr. Raja Roy Choudhury

Second Author: Mrunal Arun Mule

Third Author: Dr. Vijeta Chaudhary