Women's Day Celebration | March 2018

The MSR Team at NLDIMSR celebrated Women’s Day in its own unique way. A guest speaker of the day was Ms. Madhuri Malhotra, Vice-President, Standards and Practices at Sony Pictures Networks India. She enlightened the audience with her inspirational journey of becoming a successful and empowered woman. Further, four of NLDIMSR’s very own first-year MBA students added a special flavour as student speakers of the day. Ms. Forum Devani shared her amazing experience of becoming a successful businesswoman in a male-dominated farming profession wherein women have always considered less-abled than men. Ms. Munmun Chakraborty talked about her life of empowerment and emphasized the need for women to stand up for their rights, become proactive and creative and live up to their dreams despite cultural restraints. Mr. Harjagjit Singh Dhanjal eloquently spoke about the evil practice of female feticide in India and its adverse impact on the overall development of the society at large. ‘It is on a woman’s lap that the civilization is nurtured’ and hence there was a need to give the women the noble place that they truly deserve; he said. Mr. Nihal Bhuvad, the last student speaker of the evening, shared the own personal story about his mother, who against all societal taboos and odds had brought up her children with courage, optimism, and sacrifices to became an inspiration to him and make him the person that he is today.