A brief look at our star Alumni over the years - N.L.Dalmia
Pankaj Karde
Sr. Vice President & Head Institutional Sales

Systematix Shares & Stocks (I) Ltd
I was a student at N L Dalmia in the 2002-04 batch. When I opted for Finance, I was told that it would be a tough task… But the kind of effort they took to make me what am today is commendable. The style of working was completely different with use of market oriented practices. We learned markets, valuations and most important usage of excel in the financial modeling. The campus was more of home to us with the comfortable environment, friendly relations with the faculty… an open door environment. The canteen, the library, the projects, the sporting events… made life at Dalmia a pleasure…
Nadeem Japanwala
Director & Head – Equity Operations

Daiwa Capital Markets India Pvt. Ltd.
NLDIMSR has played a major role in my professional and personal life. It is the place where I started off as a student of MMS – Systems in the 2000-2002 batch and went on to pursue my dual specialization in MMS – Finance in 2004. So I am an alumnus two times over and I have benefitted immensely from the ever approachable and inspiring faculty members. The staff members were always helpful and took care of the students very well. NLDIMSR is an institution that along with focusing primarily on academics also emphasizes moral values & ethics and inculcates discipline among its students that stand them in good stead throughout their professional career.
The institute also gave me the opportunity to be a visiting faculty which helped in channeling my passion for teaching fellow students into an alternate noble profession. NLDIMSR is the place where I made some wonderful friends for life and the time I spent at the institute both as a student and as a faculty shall always be cherished by me my entire life.
Jitendra Gohil, CFA
Vice President

India Research, Private Banking & Wealth Management |CREDIT SUISSE
It was really a rewarding experience to be a part of the 2001-03 batch. NLDIMSR’s clear focus on strong academics, along with case studies and interactive learning really helped my overall development, professionally as well as personally. I was trained by experienced and well-regarded faculty members, which helped me to understand academic and general management concepts thoroughly. My batch was very competitive, yet fun-loving and the friends that I made would be a treasure for life.
Kunal Valia

Credit Suisse
I have always regarded N.L.Dalmia as my intellectual home and as an integral part of my spirit. Every day of 2 years spent in N.L.Dalmia not just added intellectual growth but an all-round value system to adapt to ever changing Corporate world and Society at large. It has been good to see that the Institution has prospered academically and the quality/diversity of students has increased over the years
Aman Singhania
Associate Director-Funds & Fixed Income Research

CRISIL Research
Being a part of NLDIMSR has been as enriching experience. It offered me an opportunity to hone my leadership and general management skills through an exceptionally well researched, interactive and team based approach to learning. When I commenced the programme in 2005, I gave myself two years to challenge my thought process, change my outlook and choose my next step. This could not have been achieved without the remarkable opportunities and strategic tools afforded to me by NLDIMSR. It’s focus on problem solving using real-life scenarios is the perfect grounding for working in any fast-paced and dynamic business environment. The intensity and breadth of the programme prepares you for high pressure situations, complex problem solving and work-life balancing that you can use in your approach to all challenges in your work life”
Ankur Jhaveri
Co-Head: FX & Rates - Institutional Equities - Derivatives Desk

Edelweiss Securities Limited
NLDIMSR is very ambitious, inspirational institute with abundant possibilities. I owe my career success to this prestigious platform which not only honed my general management skills but also taught how to be Industry leaders of tomorrow. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning highs in the college with clear management Vision to make this Institute a mirror of Industry’s requirement. One thing that stands out even today, is the passionate people this institute nurtures, who aspire to make a difference to the community in impacting life skills. MBA opened doors to new friendships and relationships with interesting people I never met before. These friendships were born in a very special atmosphere of searching and absorbing professional knowledge by leaders of tomorrow. I would like to thank NLDIMSR particularly for this experience.
Gaurav Jain
Assistant Vice President – Institutional Equities

Batlivala & Karani Securities India Pvt. Ltd.
At the heart of existence at NLDIMSR is the perpetual and honest striving to better oneself. It is an ideal, that the institution upholds in its daily functioning, its vision and more crucially in its communication to those who are a part of it. Having been a DALMite, one feels prepared to take on anything, anywhere in the world. The institute truly inspires through its egalitarianism and honest ambition.
Shiju Varghese
Regional CoE, Total Rewards – India & Pakistan

Merck Limited
My experience with N.L. Dalmia College is the most admirable moments of my life. The faculty comprising of distinguished academicians from the best institutions and leading professionals gives you the freedom to think, to express yourself and to succeed. The teaching methods using case studies and extensive group work provides an opportunity to develop an understanding of strategic Human Resource Management and organizational effectiveness. The focus on practical, real world organizational and business issues, combined with academic and scientific rigor has developed in me personal competencies such as self-awareness, presentations, teamwork, and leadership qualities. The friendly attitude of the staff and their willingness to always offer a helping hand has made me feel a part of the N. L. Dalmia family. A brilliant institute not only for HR, but also for other specializations. The 3-year N.L. Dalmia MBA Program had been a fantastic experience.
Romit Mufti
Sr. Manager HR

‘I completed my MMS from NLDIMR in 2004 and recollect the two years as amongst the better years of my life. I look back on my alma-matter with pride having completed my post-graduation program in HR which has truly helped me shape my career in this competitive world. The blend of theory and industry experience which the institute inculcates in its students is very commendable, preparing the leaders of tomorrow.
The robust curriculum taught by an astute faculty covering varied subjects in the first year gave a holistic exposure to general management and the rigorous year two of specialization gave the perfect shape to students towards their aspirational goals in their respective fields. Looking back, I truly cherished the various events and seminars viz; Aakarshan, Mulyankan, Manusandhan to name a few. During our years of studying the institute campus also allowed us to indulge ourselves in sporting activities like basketball, badminton and volleyball which were the much needed breaks from the interesting but tough curriculum.
So too all those who wish to move up and ahead in their careers be it an entrepreneur to a top executive, NLDIMR is just the right mold to give shape to your dreams!’
Urvashi Kardam
Senior Manager - Human Resources

Brandscapes Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Completed my PGDBM in the year 2004. NLDIMSR believes in providing holistic education, the curriculum is pretty exhaustive and covers most of the essential topics of business management. This coupled with case studies, role plays, paper presentations and other extra-curricular activities help in grooming the individuals for their professional career. My two years at the alma-mater made me more confident, communicative and knowledgeable. I would recommend it to any individual who aspires to learn and grow. The faculty really focuses on imparting knowledge in the best possible manner effortlessly. Happy to be a Dalmiaite.
Munmun Desai
Senior. Vice President

Batlivala & Karani Securities India
Two years Spent at NLDIMSR were career defining years for me. A strong foundation was built with the support of excellent faculty, interaction with experienced classmates from a varied background and thought provoking guest lecturers in wonderful environment. Continuous Mentoring by professors and interaction with Industry Experts & alumni’s helped in shaping my personality, thoughts and approach towards my career and life. There was a perfect balance of learning management in Institute and Staying in Hostel taught me other few important lessons of life.
Punit Mittal
Associate Director, Retail & Shopper

The Nielsen Company
Time spent at NLDIMSR is amongst the best ever! The management ensured apt mix of academic & non-academic activities providing holistic exposure to us budding professionals. Everyone had freedom to take-up things one wanted to; beyond academic requirements. There was guidance at hand whenever required. The fact that we can reach out to our professors even today speaks volume of the relationship students enjoyed. All the best!
Pushparaj Shetty
Associate Director- S Group

TAM Media Research
My experience in NLDIMSR where I completed 2 years MBA program is possibly the most admirable moments of my life. NLDIMSR has enriched my understanding on all key functions within any business such as HR, Operations, Finance and Marketing. NLDIMSR provides a framework within which you can develop your thinking on any key business challenge with a view to identifying the right solution. The Institute not only helped me to sharpen my leadership skills, it also empowered me to shift from tactical thinking to strategic thinking which is critical. NLDIMSR educates students in a very creative way and encourages them to think out of the box
Dippesh Jain
Head Corporate Sales

“There would be many people, who would share, things you don’t get to learn in any Institute, though, I would say, there are definitely two things I learnt from NLDIMSR – Dedication & Persistence. If you are dedicated to your passion and persistently follow up, not only you would figure out how to do it, but also do it successfully and better than others because of your passion backing it up”
Benchmark for the BEST and Be the Benchmark for the REST
Rohan Patil
Senior Brand Services Director

Lowe Lintas
The pragmatic approach of NLDIMSR towards business education helped me in getting better understanding of the corporate world. The institute functions with a clear objective of creating a resource that is industry ready and create value for which ever organization he/she will work for. The institute boosts of faculty with rich industry experience which translates in to quality experience. The institute believes in re-inventing itself to provide excellent and enriching learning. This approach is witnessed through their continual up-gradation of their curriculum and ever expanding infrastructure. Today, it gives me immense feeling of pride to be part of NLDMISR alumni and thank the team for crafting the professional in me.
Saket Agarwal
Account Director

FCB Ulka Cogito Consulting
I believe that in the growing up years, the clarity of fundamentals and hence its application help you grow up the corporate ladder. And once you are up there, then the person’s character helps you distinguish from the rest. N L Dalmia helps you build both. True to its name, it’s a beautiful temple of learning where you equip yourself with the knowledge arsenal through excellent learned faculty, case study method of teaching, powerhouse of library, live industry projects, intelligent co-students, state of the art infrastructure et al. And at the same time, you imbibe human values which helps build a strong character. Proud to be an alumnus of N. L. Dalmia.