The Library as a Learning Resource Centre (LRC) – is well equipped to support teaching, learning, and research activities. Our state-of-the-art library spreads over a 444sq. meters area on campus across two floors with a seating capacity of 200. The library aims to serve the needs of faculty, research scholars, students, and other stakeholders by providing excellent information services and resources.

The library is divided into 3 main sections

  • 2 Reading Halls – 4th and 5th floor
  • Digital Library – 5th floor
  • Books Stack Area & Reference Section – 4th floor




Library Organization and System

  • Books classified as per DDC – Dewey Decimal Classification and every book has a unique subject code and accession number.
  • Library follows an open access system and books are arranged as per specialization.
  • Presence of circulation desk to issue/return books on the 4th floor
  • New journals and periodicals displayed in the stack area
  • Procurement and Renewals of Library materials
  • Periodic feedback accepted from students, faculty & staff to improve library services.

Library timing:

  • Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Sunday 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Library Resources:

  • Rich collection of over 55000+ print books, 27000+ eBooks, print and online journals, periodicals, newspapers and Management films

Ours Library has enhanced by Institutional membership with:

  • American Information Resource Centre (AIRC)
  • National Digital Library (NDL)
  • Developing Libraries Network (DELNET)

NLDIMSR Library aims to serve the needs of faculty, research scholars, Students and other members of the Library by providing excellent Information services and resources.

  • Book Bank Facility – NLDIMSR library Providing a set of textbooks/notes (Study Material) in all the trimesters to all the courses students.
  • Current Awareness Service (CAS) – Daily 20 newspapers displayed on the library newspapers stand. Contents of periodicals shared with faculties. 
  • New arrivals information -  Newly arrived books displayed in showcase of library reading hall area and on webopac for users awareness.
  • Reference service – The staff assisting students and faculties to locate books and other print and online material in the library.
  • Remote access Facility – NLDIMSR library subscribed Knimbus an Integrated platform to access all the subscribed Electronic Resources to Faculty and Students from outside the campus.
  • Question Bank - (Internal and University old Question papers) made available in DSpace. Students and faculty can access and download Q. papers in campus.
  • Library Orientation – for newly admitted students and newly joined faculty members in the starting of the academic year. 
  • Training and Demo sessions - Database training sessions conducting in the starting of the academic year for the students and Demo Sessions of Information Resources arranged for faculty members.
  • Reprography service – Photocopy, Scanning and Printout facility made available in the library. 
  • Inter Library Loan Facility (ILL) - NLDIMSR Library has taken the membership of AIRC (American Information Resource Centre) and DELNET (Developing Library Network).
  • Complementary Business Newspapers – NLDIMSR Library subscribed 300 copies of Economic times for free distribution to students.
  • LCD TV -  on both floors to display Business News to keep students updated with changing Global Economic dynamics.
  • In-house Publications – NLDIMSR Library preserves the Institute’s published Journals and Magazines - Innovision, Delta, Sparssh, Mark X, Episteme etc. 
  • Quality of Information Resources and Services – The Library Advisory Committee (LAC) is monitoring Quality of resources and services. LAC objective is Development of library, support the functions of the library and selection of appropriate Information Resources.

Membership and Borrowing Policy

Newly admitted students and faculty need to fill requisite membership forms to acquire access to library services.

Stakeholder  Max. Books to be issued  Loan Period
Full-Time students  2 books  7 days
Part-Time students  1 book  7 days
Alumni  1 book  30 days
Full-Time faculty  5 books (per subject)   1 trimester
Visiting faculty  2 books (per subject)  1 trimester

*All reference material, journals, periodicals, newspapers, etc. strictly to be accessed in the library only.

  • Complete silence is to be observed inside the library
  • No personal bags, books etc. allowed inside the book stack area
  • Every student should carry an ID card with him/her
  • The ID card will be treated as a library card for issuing and returning books
  • Study books will be issued only for a period of 7 days & general books for 15 days
  • If any book remains overdue, the student will have to pay a fine of ₹ 10/- per day
  • Library books should be kept unmarked and intact. Any loss or damage of books must be paid with the adequate fine
  • Any student who has lost the ID card should immediately report the matter to the Admin Office
  • All reference books, journals, magazines, CDs, DVDs, newspapers, etc. will be allowed only to be referred inside the library
  • Keep newspapers, periodicals & books etc. back in their proper original positions after use
  • Do not disturb seating arrangement, maintain decorum in the reading room
  • Do not place your feet on the table & chair
  • Food & Beverages are strictly prohibited in the library. Anyone found violating the same will have to pay fine of ₹ 50/-
  • Handle books & periodicals with care
  • The library provides preferential facilities and services to the physically/visually challenged


Library Team

Sr. No. Name of the Team Member
1 Ms. Sujata Dsouza
2 Mr. Vijay Namdas
3 Mr. Baliram Parab
4 Ms. Manisha Jha
Sr. No. Library Advisory Committee Members
1 Prof. Dr. M. R. Koshti (Chairperson)
2 Prof. Dr. Neeraj Gupta (Member)
3 Prof. Dr. Sachin Mittal (Member)
4 Prof. Dr. Vaishali Kulkarni (Member)
5 Prof. Dr. Nitin Sharma (Member)
6 Ms. Sujata Dsouza (Convenor)