Bloomberg Financial Research Analyst Course


Bloomberg Market Analyst is a 35-hour learning course that provides a visual introduction to the financial markets. Consists of five modules — Economics, Equities,Currencies, Fixed Income and Technical analyses templates  — woven together from Bloomberg data, news, analytics and estimates.


  • Discover the fundamentals of how economic indicators are published and analyzed.
  • Explain the qualities of good economic indicators.
  • Explore how economic indicators can be used to spot inflection points.
  • Central Banks statistics
  • World Economic calendar analyses
  • World Trade Monitoring
  • Currency circulations with sub modules like The Primacy of GDP, Monitoring GDP, and Forecasting GDP, students can expose the most critical and basic indicators through the lens of GDP. The module covers a wide range of terminal functions.
  • Real Time trade Analyses (RITA).
  • Intraday performance of securities
  • Working Capital structure
  • Explore the nature and allure of equity ownership.
  • Analyst Recommendations
  • Earnings Estimates
  • Corporate Action.
  • A deep immersion into the exciting, volatile world of equity investing, with such submodules as Introducing the Stock Market, The Nature Of Equities, Equity Research, Absolute Valuation, and Relative Valuation.Many Terminal functions are covered and students will leave course with a deep and robust knowledge base to build upon.
  • Discover how the bond market became the biggest, most complex market in the world, as well as how it serves a vital public purpose.
  • Explore how yields facilitate comparison across the vast diversity of the bond market.
  • Describe how government bond yields are a yardstick by which all other investments are measured.
  • Describe how bond markets instill discipline in governments around the world.
  • Discover why, when and how central banks make interest rate decisions.
  • Explore how bond valuation is driven by creditworthiness, inflation and central bank interest rates.
  • Describe the importance of the yield curve to businesses and consumers around the world.
  • Interpret the meaning of the four major shifts in the yield curve and the meaning of curve inversion.


Deep into the world of Fixed Income, with sub modules including The Roots Of The Bond Market, Bond Valuation Drivers, Central Bankers & Interest Rates, The Yield Curve & Why It Matters, and movements In The Yield Curve. A number of key Terminal functions covering FI will be explored.

  • Real time world currencies exchange rate analyses
  • Real time world currency matrix
  • Explore the history and mechanics of currency markets.
  • Identify the three main drivers of currency valuation.
  • Discover the role of central banks in guarding against inflation and deflation.
  • Demonstrate how investors and businesses are affected by currency markets and how they manage currency risk.

With submodules on Currency Market Mechanics, Currency Valuation, Central Banks and Currencies, and Currency Risk, you can help students start to master liquidity, investment, and cross-border Analytics capital flows. An array of Terminal functions will be utilized.

  • Line Charts
  • Candle Charts
  • Heikin-Ashi
  • Simple Average Moving Method (SAM)
  • Ratio Analyses.
  • Balance sheet Analyses
  • M&A Analysis


  1. Working Professionals
  2. Broking firm Professionals
  3. Corporate trainee
  4. Investment advisers
  5. Any Graduates & Post Graduates
  6. Research Analyst


  1. Rs 20000
  2. Rs 18000 early Bird & Alumnus
  3. Rs 16500 Corporate (Min 10 Admission)

Admission Process

For details about the admission process, please contact the admission department.


35 Hours (Weekend Classes)