Faculty Initiatives on Teaching and Learning

Innovations by the Faculty in teaching and learning shall be summarized as per the following description.

Contributions to teaching and learning are activities that contribute to the improvement of student learning. These activities may include innovations not limited to, use of ICT, instruction delivery, instructional methods, assessment, evaluation and inclusive class rooms that lead to effective, efficient and engaging instruction. Any contributions to teaching and learning should satisfy the following criteria:

  • The work must be made available on Institute website
  • The work must be available for peer review and critique
  • The work must be reproducible and developed further by other scholars

The department/institution may set up appropriate processes for making the contributions available to the public, getting them reviewed and for rewarding. These may typically include statement of clear goals, adequate preparation, use of appropriate methods, significance of results, effective presentation and reflective critique

At NLDIMSR, faculty members strive to come up with new and innovative teaching methodologies to teach the students in the most effective way to make them conceptually strong. Following are the innovative teaching and learning methodology which were applied by the faculties of NLDIMSR in the previous three years.

The teaching methodology of NLDIMSR focuses primarily on learning the concepts, develop the ability to apply the concepts for business decisions and also evaluate the applications with the changing context of global scenario. NLDIMSR uses three-pronged approach to address these objectives. NLDIMSR synthesizes the entire program into course planning, subject planning and session planning. The sessions are planned in such a way that they contribute in building domain knowledge, opportunities to analyze and evaluate the various business situations and create platform to experiment with the learnt knowledge. Faculty members at NLDIMSR use a variety of initiatives in teaching and learning, in the form of various innovative pedagogical tools. Examples of such tools are, case-studies, simulations, Bloomberg Lab, ICT enabled courses, MSR, Industrial visits, Live projects, role plays, group discussions, games and activities:

To enhance teaching and learning, faculty uses cases from Harvard, Emerald, IIMA, ICFAI etc.  Also, as teaching-learning initiatives, faculties are motivated to write and use their own cases. Teaching resources in the institute utilizes a mix of textbooks, cases and simulations as per the need and design of module.  Cases required for distribution are being purchased under license arrangement or individual need as per the course and faculty requirement. The institute has acquired licenses for utilizing cases from Emerald. Besides this, the institute also acquires cases from Harvard, ICFAI, IIMA, The Case Centre, etc.

Project-based learning is a student-centered pedagogy in which it is believed that students acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of a topic through field study or research. This is an activity covering the entire term. A detailed structure/process of the project is provided to the students at the beginning of the term with a proper timeline to document the progress and complete the project. At the end of the project execution, the project is evaluated based on report submission and a formal presentation.

NLDIMSR encourages its students to undergo certification programmes offered by the Institute through different online and offline platforms. It helps students to enhance practical knowledge and professional skills.

  • Following are the online certification programs completed by the students Introduction to Marketing
  • Python Data Structures
  • Build a Budget and Analyze Variance using Google Sheets
  • Building Stock Returns Heat map with Tableau
  • Create a Budget with Google Sheets
  • Discounted Cash Flow Modeling
  • Introduction to Valuation with WACC
  • Investment Risk Management
  • Getting Started with Power BI Desktop
  • Profit Analysis using Economic Value Added
  • Analyzing Company’s Performance using Ratios
  • Seeking Investment Alpha
  • Managing Machine Learning Projects with Google Cloud
  • Financing and Investing in Infrastructure
  • Marketing Mix Fundamentals
  • Stock Valuation with Comparable Companies Analysis
  • Integrated Marketing Communications: Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Marketing and more
  • Operations Analytics
  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  • The Strategy of Content Marketing
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Customer Analytics
  • Portfolio and Risk Management
  • Understanding Financial Markets
  • Qualitative Research
  • Global Financial Markets and Instruments
  • Excel Skills for Business
  • Design Thinking for Innovation
  • The Science of Well-Being
  • Excel Skills for Business: Essentials
  • Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour
  • Meeting Investors’ Goals
  • Introduction to Corporate Finance
  • Python and Statistics for Financial Analysis
  • Introduction to People Analytics
  • Understanding Financial Statements: Company Position
  • Custom Reports in Google Analytics
  • Introduction to Finance: The Basics
  • Trading Basics
  • An Introduction to Consumer Neuroscience & Neuro-marketing
  • A Crash Course in Data Science
  • Market Research and Consumer Behavior
  • Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills
  • Corporate Finance Essentials
  • Financial Markets
  • Supply Chain Logistics
  • Product Development: Customer Persona Development with Miro
  • Product and Service Development: Empathy Mapping with Miro
  • Marketing Design with Easildents:

Following is the certification program of more than 30 hours.

  • Certificate Program in Bloomberg Market Concepts
  • Certificate Program in Bloomberg Analyst
  • Certificate Program in MS Excel
  • Certificate Program in Data Analytics
  • Certificate Program in Data Visualization in Tableau and Power BI
  • Certificate Program in HR Analytics
  • Certificate Program in Capstone
  • Certificate Program in Fintech
  • Certificate Program in MCX
  • Certificate Program in Investment Banking
  • Certificate Program on Data Science
  • Program on Technical Analysis
  • Certificate Program in Communication Skills and Personality Development
  • Certificate Program in on Equity Research and Valuation
  • Certificate Program in Forex and Treasury Management
  • Certificate Program in Banking
  • Certificate Program in Bloomberg Market Concepts
  • Certificate Program in Bloomberg Analyst
  • Certificate Program in MS Excel
  • Certificate Program in Data Analytics
  • Certificate Program in Data Visualization in Tableau and Power BI
  • Certificate Program in HR Analytics
  • Certificate Program in Capstone
  • Certificate Program in Fintech
  • Certificate Program in MCX
  • Certificate Program in Investment Banking
  • Certificate Program in Data Science
  • Program on Technical Analysis
  • Certificate Program in Communication Skills and Personality Development
  • Certificate Program in Equity Research and Valuation
  • Certificate Program in Forex and Treasury Management
  • Certificate Program in Banking

Simulations attempt to replicate real life situations, and are more engaging and therefore make retention of learning more meaningful. At NLDIMSR, a few courses use this approach as an initiative to impart teaching and learning. Feedback is provided almost instantly. Students can work in teams, and can also compete with each other. Being a virtual platform, there is no risk of any loss. The tool can be used as often as we desire, and in the long run has significant savings of time and money. Simulations are available across all major domains, such as Strategy, Finance, HR, Operations and Marketing etc. In Strategic Management CAPSTONE simulation is used to give the students first hand flavor of running a company with covering entire gamut of business domains such as Strategy, Finance, HR, Operations and Marketing etc.  To briefly explain the benefits, CAPSTONE is a Strategy simulation software, a risk-free platform, where students apply their acquired knowledge to test theories and make decisions. It provides the students a way to apply under real market conditions, the theory they learned during their lessons. This enables them to devote more energy and learn from their mistakes and successes. Additionally, NLDIMSR also provides opportunities to students in using their learning to apply on real time business scenario by giving them practice the Bloomberg Lab, Financial Analytics, HR Analytics Workshop and Simulations such as MARKSTRAT.

NLDIMSR is one of the few institutes in the country which provides facility of Bloomberg lab to students, where students use real-time data for corporate valuation and financial analysis. Students also use real-time data produced by Prowess and Bloomberg-Terminal to build the portfolio of the organizations for experiential learning in a risk-free manner.

NLDIMSR has implemented an innovative pedagogy for its students during the delivery of Business Law Subject. Participants took  part in simulated court or arbitration proceedings, usually involving drafting memorials or memoranda and participating in oral argument.

MSR has been encompassed as an integral part of NLDIMSR curriculum to provide a holistic experiential learning in the form of “My Social Responsibility” to inculcate sensitivity towards socially disadvantaged part of the population. Students have been working batch after batch in the area of health, hygiene, education and livelihood by adopting a village “Kondgaon” in Palghar District.

Students are also taken on industrial visits to get experience of various business operations. The batches have been taken for industrial visits to organizations such as Raymond Ltd. Mahindra Life Spaces, Bombay Stock Exchange, Volkswagen and Bombay High Court for experiential learning.

The students get hands on experience to analyze and evaluate various current social and organizational issues by participating in different live-projects, such as Maharashtra Police project, Future Enterprises Ltd., Branding of Police Department etc.. This helps them to apply their acquired learnings in a real life scenario and work towards getting solutions to the problems identified in the live projects.

NLDIMSR has recently launched communication lab for students. It will help students improve their spoken English and for raising their confidence level while interacting with peers and superiors. The aim of this lab is to train students for enhancing their interpersonal skills, thereby also increasing their chance of being successful at job interviews and group discussions.

With innovation as the buzz word for business growth, many traditional businesses are leaning into the concept of an innovation. NLDIMSR Innovation lab/Incubation center is entirely dedicated to the pursuit of new ideas, products, and services. Creative processes like brainstorming and design thinking  are encouraged to  drive ideation and the development of new innovations.

NLDIMSR encourages and implements experiential learning as its pedagogy.  Experiential learning is an involved learning process whereby students “learn by doing” and by reflecting on the experience. At NLDIMSR, Experiential learning activities include, hands-on research lab experiments, internships, workshops, field visits, Communication lab etc.  Well-planned, supervised and assessed experiential learning programs stimulates academic inquest by promoting interdisciplinary learning, social engagement, career development, cultural awareness, leadership, and other professional and intellectual skills.

An example of Experiential Learning (Subject: Principles and Practices of Management)

Anubhav – Capturing Corporate Life Experiences: An innovative pedagogy has been introduced for students. The activity was based on interaction with alumni with drafted questions to be asked. All the questions were based on decision-making, planning, strategies, controlling methods, motivational techniques & ethical business practices. The objective of Anubhav is:

  • To make the students understand the concepts of management with practical application
  • To identify and understand various functions of management and managers.
  • To provide an opportunity for alumni and the students interaction.

The activity highlighted the importance of Experiential Learning and was appreciated by all the alumni who participated.

Another faculty initiative in teaching-learning process is the usage of ICT tools. For effective communication between faculty and students, faculties use ICT tools. In all the courses being taught at NLDIMSR, usage of ICT tools is a norm. The usage of ICT has visible benefits in the overall experience for a student. It also makes the instructor’s job easier. Some of the observed benefits are:

  • Students develop the habit of self-study and learning by doing
  • They can study at their own pace
  • The content is diverse and always updated
  • Audio-visual elements and interactive tools enable participation and engagement of students

Faculty members use a diverse set of tools, such as customized LMS, Bloomberg, Google apps, web-links to videos and reading material, Electronic journal and Secondary data databases and Simulations etc., among others. The institute has provided access to a variety of such tools. Thus, there is no doubt that ICT tools have a positive impact on learning outcomes.  Another initiative in teaching and learning is the use of audio/video. Faculty uses movies/audio-video clips in their teaching to enhance the knowledge of the students and better understanding of the concept (s). As part of innovate teaching pedagogy, the students run real-time Google and Facebook Social Media campaigns

Apart from the initiatives mentioned above, NLDIMSR also uses a variety of initiatives in teaching and learning as mentioned below:

  • Technical Analysis, value added program was taught to all PGDM III Students of batch 2019-21.
  • Taught subject of ‘Quantitative Methods for Finance’ as a non-credit paper for Sem II finance students in preparation for sem III subjects of Derivatives and FIS.
  • Introduced a 60-hour certificate programs on Data Science- R, Python and Machine Learning (60 Hours) for semester II students of batch 2019-21, started from Jan 2020
  • Introducing certificate programs for semester II students of batch 2019-21, starting from Jan 2020 in
    • Credit Rating (20 hours)
    • Hedge Fund Accounting (20 Hours)
  • Shared voice recording clips to my mentees – success business stories/ sharing interesting stories on ethics
  • Content shared from web – motivational entrepreneurship stories
  • Shared list of words to enhance the Vocabulary
  • Taken the courses on ‘Story Telling with Data’ with 50% predominance of industry based examples and knowledge along with theories
  • Conducted Elevator Pitch exercise for all 120 students of PGDM Sem I Div C & D on ‘How to introduce yourself in the first 45 secs in a Job Interview’
  • Prepared monthly Vocabulary list for improving Vocabulary of the PGDM Batch 2020-22 students
  • Trained Marketing students on creating intelligent reports using Statista
  • Developed the course of Neuro Marketing
  • Innovated the internal assessment of IMC by simulating the creating of advertisement campaign and media planning
  • Interaction with Dr. Himanshu Rai-Director –IIM Indore to know the teaching learning and research practices adopted by IIM-Indore for benchmarking.
  • Tie up with IIT-B for entrepreneurship development
  • Mock Parliament to support classroom instructions and provide the students with a real and simulated view on business law and financial regulations.
  • Introduce HR Analytics certification in HR Specialization
  • Guest Lectures are conducted by inviting eminent persons from Industry and Academics
  • Alumni students are invited for talk on subjects and interact with the students.
  • NLDIMSR gives students opportunity to develop their ability to create by having them organize various events such as Mulyankan, Utkarsh, Maadhyam, Aakarshan, Shikhar all through the year as well as through various clubs which are run by different functions.
  • The biggest resource of self-learning is NLDIMSR’s institute library where it houses numerous books by eminent national and international authors on a variety of topics
  • The library also subscribes to a host of online and printed journals which are also made readily available to the students.

Faculty Initiatives

N. L. Dalmia has shaped my personality in many ways. I learnt the best of HR subjects from amazing faculty members and the overall ecosystem helped me in becoming a better person.

When I entered the industry to start working, I already had a head start in HR concepts, thanks to the specialized HR batch. Additionally, we were provided with well-rounded development through assessment centres, IR case laws, personality development camps, college festivals, national level paper presentations and multiple sessions by industry stalwarts. I feel proud and grateful to have been associated with this institute. The conceptual and life learnings have shaped my career and more importantly my personality.

Designation: HR Business Partner

Organization: Amazon Development Centre India Ltd

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Phone: + 91 8956058483
Email: [email protected]

Name: Kshama Shukla
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