Guest Lectures A. Y. 2022-23

Research Papers Published During A.Y.2022-23
Sr.No. Date Name of the Guest Speaker, Designation and Organization Topic
1 21/06/2023 Ms. Jigna Thakkar (Art of Living Yoga Teacher) Online Yoga Session
2 22/4/2023 Mr Debashish Ghosh, Senior Vice President and Country HR Head of Berkadia 3 powerful interview tips – 'learnt from an experienced interviewer. Why you must work at Berkadia, at least once in your lifetime
3 23/3/2023 Mr. Azeem Asgher, Ms. Karishma Samani Organisation and opportunities for career growth in Gallagher
4 18/3/2023 Mr. Sandeep Ranade, Executive Vice President and Head of the Quantitative Research Division at Hansa Research Group How to Build Strong Brands
5 15/3/2023 Prof. Vidya Cencatesan, Dr. Smriti Ladsaria Workshop on Intercultural Comunications
6 03/10/2023 Mr. Nikhil Shinde, Senior AGM-NISM Career opportunities in Securities Markets
7 03/04/2023 Ms. Poornima Nagare​, L & D Associate​ Bluestar​ New trends in L & D and LMS of Bluestar​
8 03/04/2023 Mr. Krishnakant Purohit, Risk Technology Sales – Bloomberg LLB, London Office Campus to Corporate
9 03/04/2023 Mr. Vikas Sharma, Development Officer, LIC Exploring the Future of Insurance: Trends and Innovations Driving Industry Transformation
10 03/03/2023 Ms Ridima Wali Nyra Leadership Consulting and Upgrad Communicatonfor Corporate Relevanceand Eminence
11 03/03/2023 Ms. Vidya Vencatesan Importance of Foreign Languages
12 02/03/2023 Ms. Abira Sarkar, Relationship Head , Aditya Birla Health Insurance Ltd. Marketing of Financial Services
13 21-02-23 Ms. Sreerupa Sengupta​ Co-founder ​ CHROmosome Consultancy & IT Services​ Human Resource Planning​
14 11-02-23 Mr. Pratik S Investment Banking | Ex- Citi | Mentor a) what is investment banking b) Different types of IB roles in the domestic and global markets c) overview of private equity, startups and Venture Capital funding d) Skillsets required to make into IB
15 03/02/2023 Mr.Shreyans Gala Director of Operations – Databook Expert Insights on Building a Strong Financial Future
16 02/02/2023 Mr.Sachin Khandelwal Corporate World
31/1/2023 How to crack the Aptitude test
17 24-01-23  Mr. Ashwin Surendran​ Sales & Marketing​ Beehieve,  HR Software Services Private Limited​ Human Resurce Management Systems and Applications​
18 24-01-23  Mr. Rajiv Chavan​ Senior Manager – Sales & Marketing​ Beehieve, HR Software Services Private Limited​ Human Resurce Management Systems and Applications​
19 27/12/2022 Dr. Faizal Ahmed International Business Professor at FORE School of Management, New Delhi. Geopolitical Contexts in International Business
20 24-12-22 Mr. Balachandra Devadiga​ Lead People Analytics​ Godrej Group​ HR Analytics​
21 24-12-22 Mr. Vivekananth Nadar​ Data Science Manager​ TATA AIA​ HR Analytics​
22 17-12-22 Mr. P. R. Dilip, Founder, Managing Director Wealth Management
23 17/12/2022 Mr. Santosh Shetti, Senior Vice President Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. Wealth management – Personal Finance
24 12/12/2022 Mr. P R Dilip Wealth management
25 12/02/2022 Mr. Kirti Azad and Ms. Sweta Srivastava Talent Management​
26 17/09/2022 Ms. Sulochana Amin​ Founder – SPAN World ​ Psychometric Assessment​ Psychometric Assessment
27 09/12/2022 Ms. Vineeta & Mr. Tarun Kaushik Personality Development & Self-grooming
28 09/12/2022 Advocate Aileen Savina Marques POSH Consultant "Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act 2013''
29 09/12/2022 Dr. Kalim Khan, Joint Managing Director, Brains Trust Customer Centricity
30 08/12/2022 Ms Vinath Hegde, GM(CRM), Eureka Forbes  Role of a call centre in Customer Value Management
31 2-12-22 Mr. Kriti Azad​ Director, HR and Administration​ GIA​ Talent Management​
32 2-12-22 Ms. Sweta Srivastava​ Talent Acquisition Manager​ GIA​ Talent Management​
33 12/11/2022 Mr. Milan Modi, Business Director of Digital Marketing, Madison World. A Medium called Digital
34 24/09/2022 Leadership Series Lecture Mr.Rajdeepak Chatterjee
35 24-09-2022 Dr. Gouri Gargate, Professor of IP Law and Management at IIT Kharagpur Intellectual Property and Academia
36 17-9- 2022 Ms. Sulochana Amin​ Founder – SPAN World ​ Psychometric Assessment​ SPAN World ​
37 16-09-2022 Mr. Nagesh Alai, Former Global & Group Chairman, FCB Ulka,Co-Founder at an Al technology start-up. Career Options and Corporate Expectations from Marketing Professionals
38 16-09-2022 Dr. Sangeeta Pandit Preparation to Technical Rounds during Personal Interview
39 16-09-2022 Mr. Venkatachalam Treasury and Risk Management
40 28-8-2022 Mr. Praveen Ratnna​ HR Professional, a writer, mentor and a career coach​ Professional Consulting ​ Role of HR Analytics in Performance Management​
41 25-8-2022 Dr. M.A.Khan Director, N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research Mangement Lessons from Poetry
42 13/8/2022 Ms Bhuvaneshwari Venkatesh, Independent Training Consultant Self – Introduction and Elevator Pitch
43 16/08/2022 Mr. Aswini Bajaj CEO, Leveraged Growth Applying Finance across Industries and Domains
44 08/06/2022 Ms Bhuvaneshwari Venkatesh, Independent Training Consultant Self – Introduction and Elevator Pitch
45 2-8- 2022 Mr. Bimal Kumar Therapanthi​ GM, HR​ N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management and Research​ Trade Unionism and Collective Bargaining​
46 2-8- 2022 Mr. Bimal Kumar Therapanthi​ GM, HR​ N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management and Research​ Negotiation and Dispute Settlement
47 29/07/2022 Ms Bhuvaneshwari Venkatesh, Independent Training Consultant Self – Introduction and Elevator Pitch
48 28/07/2022 Ms Bhuvaneshwari Venkatesh, Independent Training Consultant Time Management
49 27/07/2022 Dr. Ashish Ambasta , Ms. Malvika IIC Activities – II 5.0 Quarter 1
50 26/07/2022 Mr. Sean Andrade Freelancer Creativity & Entrepreneurship
51 18/07/2022 Mr. P R Dilip Founder, Managing Director, Impetus Arthasutra Managing the Unmanagable
52 18/07/2022 Ms. Ashlesha Keer ​ Content Manager ​ Aditya Birla Capital​ Career in HR
53 14-05-2022, 15-05-2022, 29-05-2022 Ms Bhuvaneshwari Venkatesh, Independent Training Consultant Self – Introduction and Elevator Pitch Training