Faculty Publications 2022-23

Research Papers Published During A.Y.2022-23
Sr.No. Name of the author/s Title of paper Name of Journal
1 Amulya Gurtu, Jestin Johny & Rupal Choudhary Effects of Free Trade on Trade Activities of Signatory Nations The Indian Economic Journal , Vol 70 , Issue 4 , pp. 490 – 513, SAGE Publications, ABDC ‘B’ category and Scopus Indexed Journal https://doi.org/10.1177/00194662221104750
2 Amulya Gurtu , Jestin Johny & Oliver Buechse Paper and Packaging industry dynamics during COVID-19 and their strategies for the future  Strategic Management – International Journal of Strategic Management and decision support system in Strategic Management, vol 27 , Issue 4, pp. 4 – 15, University of Novi Sad , Serbia, Indexed in Web of science DOI: 10.5937/StraMan2200017G
3 Jestin Johny , Amulya Gurtu Risk in Supply Chain Management Khojasteh, Y., Xu, H., Zolfaghari, S. (eds) Supply Chain Risk Mitigation. International Series in Operations Research & Management Science, vol 332, pp. 3 – 26 , SpringerNature , Switzerland , Indexed in Scopus and Web of Science , https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-09183-4_1
4 Dr. Baisakhi Mitra Mustaphi Marketing Strategies adopted by selected organizations during the Pandemic “International Journal Of Creative Research Thoughts-Volume 10 Issue 9, September 2022 Impact Factor – 7.97”
5 Jestin Johny Effects of Free Trade Agreements on Trade Activities of Signatory Countries The Indian Economic Journal
6 CA. Jai Kotecha A Study on Impact of Right Issue on Capital Market: Evidance from India “Stochastic Modelling and Applications Vol. 26, No.3, (January to June Issue 2022”
7 “Dr. Minati Sahoo, Dr. Neeraj Gupta, Dr. Sachin Mittal” Board meeting, promoter CEO and firm performance: Evidence from India “Cogent Economics and Finance (ABDC ‘B’ Category Journal), ISSN: 2332-2039, Taylor and Francis Publication, https://doi.org/10.1080/23322039.2023.2175465 (Page 2 of 33 ) (Vol. 11, Issue 1, March 2023) “
8 Prof. Pushkar Parulekar Comparative Analysis of option buyer and seller payoffs in nifty weekly options “International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR), Volume 9, Issue 2”
9 Prof. Anand Dhutraj A Review On Effects Of Human Capital On Entrepreneurial Survival “International Journal Of Creative Research Thoughts Volume 10, Issue 12 December 2022”
10 “Dr. Minati Sahoo, Dr. Neeraj Gupta, Dr. Sachin Mittal” “Promoter Ownership,Institutional Ownership and Firm Performance” Corporate Ownership & Control / Volume 20, Issue 1, Autumn 2022
11 “Dr. Chitra Gounder Prof. Prakash Rathod” “Strategy For Risk Management Through Derivatives Option and Greeks : Caselet Methodology “International Journal Of Creative Research Thoughts Volume 10, Issue 12 December 2022”
12 Dr. Jyori Nair Predictive Modelling for Financial Distress amongst Journal of Global Economy. Volume 18 No 4, December 2022. Citation: Dr. Jyoti Nair and Dr. JK Sachdeva (2022) “Predictive Modelling for Financial Distress amongst Manufacturing Companies in India”, Journal of Global Economy, 18(4), pp. 261–276. doi: 10.1956/jge.v18i4.665
13 Prof. Jestin Johny Supply Chain Risk Mitigation (Book) Springer Nature Switzerland AG, Volume 332, Edition No.1
14 “Dr. Nitin Sharma, Dr. Caral D’Cunha” Study of Motivational Level of Employees During the Pandemic Period with Reference to Herzberg’s Theory “lnternationalJournal of Humanities, Law and Social Sciences Published BiannuallY bY New Archaeotogical & Genological Society K, lndia, Vol lX, /ssue lV (lll), 2022”
15 “Dr. Chitra Gounder Prof. Vimmy Bajaj” “Do Microeconomic Determinants of Country Impact the Level of Non-Performing Loans? Evidence from International Data” Empirical Economics Letters having ISSN 1681-8997
17 “Dr. M.R.Koshti Dr. Neeraj Gupta” “CRM in Telecommunications Industry- a Review” International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts
18 Dr. Nazia Ansari International Trade – An Analysis of Pre & Post Covid-19 International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT), Volume 10, Issue 11 November 2022
19 “Dr. Sachin Mittal Dr. Neeraj Gupta Dr. Minati Sahoo” “Ownership Concentration and Bank Performance: Evidence from India” “Cogent Economics & Finance ABDC’s “”B”” Category (Taylor & Francis)”
20 Dr. Nazia Ansari “A Study on Employee Engagement for Accomplishing Sustainable Development wrt Jamnagar Brass Parts Industry” International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT), Volume 10, Issue 11 November 2022
21 Dr. Riyaz Ahmed Qureshi “Agriculture 4.0” – Digital Transformation for Sustainable Future” (Book Proceedings) Springer Publication Proceedings in 9th SUSCON International Conference on ‘Sustainability’. at Indian Institute of Management(IIM) Shillong, 3rd – 5th November 2022.
22 Dr. Riyaz Ahmed Qureshi “Implementing Artificial Intelligence based Techniques for Social Media Marketing Analytics with Potential uses expectations.” (Patent Published) Intellectual Property INDIA. Application No. 2023202341008062 · Issued Feb 8, 2023. Office of the Controller General of Patents, Design & Trade Marks, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry. Government of INDIA
23 Dr. Riyaz Ahmed Qureshi “An Investigation of Identifying Risk factors affecting Consumer Purchase Behaviour in Shopping.” Korea Review of International Studies, Indexed in ABDC – C category. Global Research Institute Korea University. ISSN: 1226-4741.